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Creativity can reduce anxiety, help cope with depression, and manage stress. For this reason, I like to inspire my clients to view life as an endless well of creativity. Creativity is not just about making works of art, writing theatre plays, or coming up with brand-new solutions. Creativity in everyday life opens the mind and makes us good problem-solvers. You take the first step towards balanced mental health when you unlock your hidden creative talent. Soon you will realize that you can trust in your abilities more than ever.

Mental health is about creating balance. I do not actually mean the work-life balance or the balance of solitude and social time. Mental balance is the state of good judgment; the alignment of thoughts, emotions, and decisions or mind-body-emotions. From a spiritual perspective: harmony between mind, body, and soul/spirit. Maintaining balance requires us to be creative.

I cannot give you any tips on how to try to reach mental balance through creativity because I do not know your individual characteristics and other factors such as your cultural background. I can make a personalized plan for you on how to tap into your creative potential to promote your mental health. I will send you a form upon request with some questions to learn about your personality traits, strengths, hobbies, etc.

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