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I have worked in different mental health settings, and in multicultural environments to practice how to connect with people of diversity. I tailor sessions to the client’s individual needs by practising integrative counselling and non-judgmental listening.

I aim to assist you with learning how to cope with difficult emotions - regardless of what triggers them - and to change dysfunctional behavioural patterns that make you feel trapped in a vicious circle. We may combine different approaches or you may choose to stay with the cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) model.

You may benefit from my counselling style if you are in a life situation that involves upsetting experiences (e.g., grief, life transition) and you want to maintain good mental health as well as develop coping skills for anger, anxiety, and mild depression. I encourage you to see reality from different angles. I can teach you techniques that help you stay in the present moment, in the “here and now”, to avoid ruminating too much on mistakes and events of the past.

Taking a holistic approach allows me to realize whether your SPIRITUAL beliefs are essential for your emotional well-being. I take your social background and spiritual beliefs into account when I put myself in your shoes to understand your mindset. The way you use words and the images you see in your dreams can say almost everything about how you view the world and yourself. For this reason, I believe that interpreting metaphors and unique symbols in your life can be very helpful to build better mental health and fight depression or anxiety.


Encouraging clients to get engaged in creative tasks is my favourite method to help them experiment with new perspectives and behaviours. Visualization or mental imagery is a creative exercise to boost your intuition and creativity. It works through symbols and metaphors to ease your mind.  Constant worrying and anxiety prevent you from achieving your goals.  Besides, anxiety may lead to severe health problems. My guided visualization and imagery sessions are tailored to your needs, and your inner world in order to help you find balance. 

Please note that this is a support system to promote your well-being and improve your life. I do not treat severe mental illnesses and I do not diagnose mental health conditions.


The cost of a counselling session ranges from £40 to £60 (60 minutes).

Contact me to get a personalized quote.


I offer a 20-minute FREE introductory session.

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