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As an intuitive life coach, I use CBT, NLP, visualization, meditation and drama techniques to help you grow as a person. 

The word intuition has been used in different ways, depending on the context. You do not need to think about intuition as a mystical, spiritual phenomenon. It is rather an everyday “tool” to react to life events more appropriately without overloading your mind. By listening to your intuition, you get less overwhelmed by stress and anxiety.

I call myself an intuitive life coach because I enjoy teaching people how to stop their rational mind - which is often filled with fear, anxiety and anger - from overthinking and overanalyzing life events. I can help you set and reach your goals via coaching sessions. As a life coach, I make sure that my clients continuously stay focused on their goals. Rational thinking and logic are very important but for a balanced life, we also need to use the source of our creativity.

Creativity and intuition are inseparable. For me, intuition is a sudden inspiration that helps me understand and resolve problems, exaggerated by my anxiety or negative attitude. As an intuitive life coach, I help you set clear goals and stay focused on your goals continuously. You will learn how to utilize your creative forces to feel more in control of your life. I apply drama and theatre techniques in sessions to develop creativity, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. It is an easy way of getting more confident in terms of making your own decisions.

Taking life from an artistic approach can encourage you to be more enthusiastic and motivated. With practice, you can become much more organized and balanced. You can also learn techniques that help you cope with stress.​ Visualization or mental imagery is a creative exercise to boost your intuition and creativity. It works through symbols and metaphors to ease your mind.  Constant worrying and anxiety prevent you from achieving your goals.  Besides, anxiety may lead to severe health problems. My guided visualization and imagery sessions are tailored to your needs, and your inner world in order to help you find balance. 

Life coaching is for those who have a goal on their minds and take it as a project that needs to be completed. We set a goal (eg. losing weight, becoming a better communicator) and we work towards it with full attention. You need support to stay focused on your goal and remain motivated.

If you feel that you need to discuss emotions and feelings or want to resolve traumas that relate to your past, I would rather recommend counselling for you. 

I offer a 20-minute FREE introductory session.​​

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