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I started studying counselling and therapy techniques over 20 years ago. I have a friendly, non-judgemental attitude to others. People usually feel very comfortable opening up to me. I am happy to connect with anyone regardless of their cultural background. As an integrative counsellor, I have been educated in different types of scientifically approved therapeutic methods which are very effective in maintaining mental health. I select and tailor the techniques according to my client's individual needs. I have a holistic approach to life and have also studied alternative therapies. I look at all aspects of a person (physical condition, social connections, personal beliefs) in order to improve their well-being.  I feel it is important to approach life from all angles.

As a life coach, I make sure that my clients continuously stay focused on their goals. I call myself an intuitive life coach because I am very determined to teach others how to live a life without overthinking and overanalysing things. Rational thinking and logic are very important but for a balanced life, we also need to use the source of our creativity. Creativity and intuition are inseparable. For me, intuition is a sudden inspiration that helps me understand and resolve problems exaggerated by my anxiety and negative attitude. Through this creative process, my mind becomes calmer and I do take the action instead of being frightened by changes.

I am a trained drama teacher, CBT counsellor, and NLP practitioner - with these techniques I can help you develop your abilities and skills, which are necessary for reaching your goal. Creativity and intuition play a vital role in mental health and well-being.


MSc in Psychology (University of Roehampton London)

Postgraduate qualification in Person-Centred and Cognitive Behavioural Counselling  

Postgraduate qualification in Drama Education

BSc in Counselling and Social Studies of Spirituality & Religion

Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Diploma in Jungian Therapy

Diploma in Naturopathy and Kinesiology

Certificate in Bereavement Counselling 

Practice in psychodrama, Bibliodrama, mediation (resolving conflicts between parties), mindfulness, meditation, NLP techniques, guided visualisation and imagery, and autogenic training.

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